The Essential Melt Story

Hey guys, I'm Patrice the founder of The Essential Melt Co.

Let me share a little part of my story so far

the when the why and the  what you could say ;)

As a mental health practitioner, and trainee psychotherapist helping others in minding our mind, body and spirit has always been something that has guided my path.

Last year our little candle company was born from a vision that intended to help share some extra light, encourage selfcare, connection and simply help people feel good.

Being from Dublin I’ve grown a special connection with our mountains and coastland and nature inspires so much of what I do, I truly believe we are all connected and that light and love and our true nature can be awakened within this core belief. 

My hope Is that the Essential Melt Company can encourage you to take a moment by the light and warmth of your candle, stimulate your senses and connect with you self, others and your surroundings and open your heart. 

Our artisan creations are developed, designed and hand crafted in house. 
What I want to do most here is deliver artisan craft with the most amazing scented candles and melts and gifts full of pure ingredients, keeping everything as sustainable and eco friendly as possible, we are always working on ways to be greener

Our candles and melts tell a story, we hope they can light up someone's day, help them celebrate, bring comfort where needed or remind them of a happy moment in time.

I'm all the cogs behind this machine so its been a busy and exciting time,

I really hope you love the products, design and stories behind each scent as much as I have loved creating them from my small workshop here in Dublin.

From the bottom of my heart thank you to each and every customer for being a part of this journey, with out you I couldn't continue to grow this small business into something very special indeed.

Patrice x